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I'm Panikos. I'm 49 years old, the kids are grown up and I'm single again.

I was born in West Ham in the East End of London so I am a cockney of sorts. I don't say 'apples and pears' when I mean stairs, but I suppose I sound like one in some ways.

So it's 'west am' I come from and if you live in 'ounslow' yer gonna afta put up wiv the way I say it, ok?

I fell in love with computers when a friend bought a 48k Spectrum and I had to have one of my own. We taught ourselves to program, first in BASIC and then in Assembler (machine code) when that proved too slow for what we wanted.

We sat up late writing utilities and then later adventure games. We wrote several full games although Wizards Spell was the only one sold.

I had several computers after that including the Acorn Archiemedes and now the PC.

I did a variety of things until my health stopped me working altogether. I began training as a TV Engineer, but was forced to give that up. I worked as a Landscape Gardener for a while.

For a time I was Quality Controller for a sofa manufacturer. Now there's a job I should have held onto, 'Hmmm this one's comfy, but give me an hour to think about it' J I also tried working in the department where I was 'stuffing' cushions, but that was less fun then it sounds.

I weighed heavy vehicles for one company. It was tricky getting them on the bathroom scales though.

I have worked in shops more then once ( and let me tell you that you customers can be a right pain sometimes ).

One job involved supplying updated charts to ships. Paper charts that is - I wonder if they even bother now in these days of global positioning satellites? I guess they must since the depth changes over time near land and if you give the wrong info and the QEII runs aground you better have a really good excuse. J

Oh and I made plastic products at one place. Again most of the routine work was not as interesting as it might have been. If you have ever picked up a bin liner and had the bottom fall out, well that was one of mine.

My shortest time at a job was 2 hours. I would have been doing my small part towards building a particle accelerator (a very small part), but the guy who I would have been working under was so arrogant I told him where to stick his magnetic coils.

A special hello to some special people

(in the Cotswolds)


Tony, Donna, Anthony, Corrina, Charlene and Dean - East London

Steve, Irene, Tony and Aaron - Thurrock, Essex

Tracey and Jennifer Rose - Thurrock, Essex

John - Thurrock, Essex

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