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Mystical Mud Returns!

After many years Mystical Mud has been recreated.

Some of us thought it gone forever so it's great to see it up and running again.

Join now for an endless adventure!


A Mud is played online using a client application and what you see is generally like the old text adventure games. The real difference is that in these games you will find other adventurers like yourself. The Muds run 24 hours a day and at any time there might be up to several hundred other players.

A Mud is typically an area consisting of 1000's of rooms, where you will meet and fight Orcs and Dragons (or perhaps Aliens and Starship Captains). These mobiles (Mobs) are part of the game and are semi-intelligent. You might fight them, steal from them or buy equipment from them with gold you have earned.

As you travel around you will meet 'real' adventurers and they may be friendly or hostile. You might fight this adventurer or team up with him/her to battle a particularly tough demon or to storm a castle. You can also stop to chat. In addition most Muds have a chat channel so you can speak to any player online.

One difference to an old adventure game is that it doesn't have a simple ending. You can play on forever if you wish. You begin the game fairly weak and with little equipment. Each time you fight your character gains in experience and strength and you are able to tackle greater challenges. If you win a fight you keep the best of your opponent's armour and weapons and sell the rest for gold.

The best place to begin is The Mud Selector. Here you will find around 1400 different Muds to choose from. The vast majority are free to play. The Mud Selector allows you to search its database for the kinds of Mud which might interest you. Although very many are set in medieval times or fantasy worlds such as Lord of the Rings, you will also find some set in space, the far future or just about anything you can imagine.


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