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A Very Horsey Quiz

highlight the answers on the right to see how well you did
1. According to Homer, by what trick did Greek armed warriors gain access to Troy? 1

2. Who owned which horse?

a. Bucephalusa              a. Don Quixote
b. Copenhagen              b. Dick Turpin
c. Rosinante                  c. Roy Rogers
d. Trigger                      d.The Lone Ranger
e. Black Bess                 e.Alexander
f. Silver                         f. Wellington



3. The Draisienne, an early form of the bicycle, was also known by what two-word alliterative phrase? 3
4. Which English king, according to Shakespeare, cried 'A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse'? 4
5. In the prisoner-of-war escape novel by Eric Williams, what was 'the wooden horse'? 5
6. What two-word colloquial term was often used to describe an early railway engine? 6
7. Approximately, what was the British measure of 'one horsepower' worth expressed in kilowatts? 7
8. What is the White Horse at Uffington? 8
9. Which Roman emperor made his favourite horse a consul? 9
10. What colours were the horses of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and what did they signify?


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