Our Arts and Crafts! post yours

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Our Arts and Crafts! post yours

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Furby wrote: Sun Aug 20, 2023 12:08 pm This weekends look in furbies archives is home made candles. My mum bought a kit in the 1970s when England was deep in power cuts and we couldn't buy any candles. Then she was very very cross when a good pan was ruined. The kit remained unused for years and later when charity shops were a thing she bought a sacrificial pan and we used up the remaining ingredients before throwing kit out. The square ones were the official kit mould and the round ones we used yoghurt pots or similar and remember those mouse pots the little red one. The brown ones are all the leftover wax mixed together. If anyone ever considers making candles my advise would be just buy some they aren't that dear now and less bother.
I love these! And the mousse pot. I remember those! I love the idea of a sacrificial pan
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Our Arts and Crafts! post yours

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Wow, what wonderful things on here! I only just came back to the topic!

I LOVE your candles, Furby! I'd like to print your German homework and have it on my wall as I am a GermanoPhile these days :D I went through an embroidery phase a few years ago, I'll have to see if I can find one to put on here.
A single sock that large is perfect for Christmas. Or you could use it for keeping one foot warm. :)
:rofl Eccs!

That is one MIGHTY sock, Tom!

Di you are very clever! I loved seeing your blinds and dressing-up clothes!

Please do more everyone. Tho I have little hope of ever seeing the Second Sock :rolleyes :D
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