Mr M is out of hospital (doing well)

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Mr M is out of hospital (doing well)

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eccles wrote: Tue Jun 13, 2023 11:16 am It's relatively risk-free Tom. These bowls don't have holes in them like with ten pin bowling. :D
Now that is a relief! 😅
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Mr M is out of hospital (doing well)

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Mr merry is cleverly wearing a hat which is essential outdoors these days. I am happy for him he is still able to play bowls.
Awww, thank you Furby!

Thanks too OC, WR, Eccles and Tom :grouphug you are all lovely!
I would probably not even be able to lift the ball and then forget to let go and just fly after it. XD

Overbury is as you say OC a quintessentially English village - small and lovely, with its own little village school, cricket pitch and bowls green - what could be more English than that.

It's a little unusual in that I believe all? the houses and cottages in the village are owned by the Blossom (?) family and must be rented (I think there's a gruelling interview involved :lol US lot would probably not pass it.

Penny Blossop comes to award the prizes on Finals Day so Mr M has plucked a trophy or two out of her ladylike hands, but she does not stay for tea :sad
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Mr M is out of hospital (doing well)

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Your comments about Overbury Village intrigued me, Merry, so I did some looking up.

Overbury technically is a Manor, and was purchased in the early 18th century by the banking family of Martin from the Parsons family. Martin's bank had the distinction of being the only national bank to have its HQ outside London (in Liverpool) but in the end succumbed to a takeover by Barclays in 1969. The Martins are still in Overbury, living in Overbury Court which they rebuilt in the 18th century after buying it.

Back to Overbury. The Martin family is one of three who own Overbury Enterprises wherein all the businesses pertaining to the Manor are held. The other two families are the Holland-Martins and the Bossoms, the latter being a relatively late addition. Penelope Bossom, the Managing Partner, is the 8th generation of Bossoms to be involved in the business.

The Manor invites people to register their interest in renting a property, in effect creating a waiting list. They '....prefer to match properties with people so for the best opportunity do contact our team on 01386 725111 and ask for a registration form, as often, we are able to agree a let before it even needs to be advertised.'

If anybody is interested in reading about this enterprise, here's a link to their website.

And here's a link to another page where I found out about when the Bossoms joined.
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