Dental Treatment in the UK

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Dental Treatment in the UK

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We had an interesting topic going on this on OldBoard so I thought I would pop this in here
The BBC have done a story on this today and 98% of dentists aren't taking any NHS patients.
- Furby
I think all of us on HF are resigned to paying full price for our dental treatment.
I admit though, last weeks appointment felt far less rushed than previous NHS visits. There was time to talk about my medical history and what my dental hygiene consisted of. The examination was thorough and unhurried and there was a greater willingness to do a descale at the same time, albeit for an extra charge.
However, the fact that there was this apparent difference makes me wonder if NHS patients are getting a reduced quality dental care.
I also wondered about my dental practice which had been private for decades, switched to allow NHS patients for a few years then went private again. Was this a ploy to build up a dwindling patient list then switch back once the book was full?

But if they're all going private anyway, I might as well use the one within walking distance. It's less than a mile away.
- Eccles

I still have an NHS dentist - the lovely :? Lisa - a local practice allowed me to sign up a couple of years ago. I've never been very happy with any of my private dentists to be honest - not since the lovely Mr Duke retired 30 years ago!

I was looking yesterday to see if I could find an NHS dentist for Juliet, but no luck at all.
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Dental Treatment in the UK

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I had the horrid dentist this morning. I need a small filling and will be 91 pounds. That's on top of the cost for checkup 41 pounds. But an appointment next week is available. It seems unfair when people in real toothache now aren't able to get appointments but for 91 pound one next week for preventing future toothaches.

The dentists still wear masks because they used them pre covid for other reasons but all the reception staff and patients don't wear masks any more in waiting rooms. And they got rid of the extractor fan thing to clean the air in dentists rooms.

My mum didn't have a dentist when ours all went private because she wanted an NHS one. There wasn't any but when it was an emergency she rang a number of some local dentist police thing and they assigned a dentist. She had to get a few buses luckily with a bus pass and really didn't like it there hardly speak English she said. It doesn't seem too much to expect essential services in your own language in your own country but that was where we had ended up. I think there were conditions placed on health care visas that basic English was required so maybe that's cut down how many dentists we have. But worrying that enough people here don't want to train as dentists. It can't be as stressful as doctors especially in a and e can it so would think more with medical ability would train up.
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