Hard Facts
Hard Facts

The churches fought against evolution from the beginning, trying to have it banned from schools and having teachers arrested for teaching it.

In the US, some are still fighting that battle. They are trying to force creationism into the classroom, teaching vulnerable children that science is lying, that the fossil record isnít proof of evolution because god faked it himself to make it look like the world was older than 6,000 years - desperately hanging on to what they must realize by now is a lost cause.

For the most part, though, Christians have realised how ridiculous they sound and have come up with the idea that not only is evolution true, but that god invented it.

I've asked Christians how they reconcile this and I realized recently that in many cases their faith based (restricted) education has done them a disservice. The ones I spoke to were assuming that at some point the apes would give birth to human children and that the first two could be Adam & Eve.

This would be hugely convenient, of course. The bible story could run from there without too many changes. It's also a completely false image of evolution. Being a gradual process, there could be no 'First Humans' in a way that would suit the church.

Does it matter? With each day more of the bible is labelled 'metaphorical' and discarded. Surely the Christians can live without a real Adam & Eve?

Perhaps they could, but without their Original Sin there is no longer a reason for the Crucifixion, no need for a Second Coming and no need for Judgement day. As Adam & Eve fade into a fable with no substance so does the Christian Religion.

Now you see it... and now you don't.