Hard Facts
Hard Facts

Science is not a belief, but a way of evaluating evidence and of posing questions. The point of science is to discover things you didn't know and to replace the things you did know that turned out to be wrong.

With religion it's important to find support for the things you have already decided are true. It can be very upsetting for a devout believer to have to give up any of those beliefs.

Science, on the other hand, welcomes being wrong. Disproving a theory - even one of your own - is an exciting experience. It brings you closer to discovering the real way things work.

Religion stands still except for the rare cases when grudgingly accepting that something the scientists discovered has made one of their beliefs appear ridiculous, or sometimes when forced by changes in the law to give up ancient practices.

Not too long ago, most religions were what is now called 'Young-earth Creationist'. The Earth was only 5-7,000 years old and evolution was a wicked lie. Now most have had to accept that evolution works and that the human race is much older than that.

Many in fact will now tell you that god invented evolution and speak as though this was always the position of their church.

When comparing the dogma of the church and the knowledge brought us by science you should bear in mind that science works. Your DVD player, your phone, the technology in your local hospital all rely on principles worked out by scientists.