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Unanswered Prayers

Any Christian will tell you that God can't remove suffering on Earth without removing free will. So it's wrong to blame god for war, sickness and so on. Whatever god feels, he mustn't interfere since he has promised not to.

Well if we accept that then why do Christians pray for help when someone is sick or injured? Why do they pray for wars to stop and floods to recede, for unhappy people to be made happy and hate filled people to be made to see the error of their ways. Any prayer of that kind is asking god to break his own word. God has promised that he will not answer those prayers.

Not only do Christians ask for things that God cannot give, but they claim that he does perform miracles for individuals. When someone dies it "was gods will" and when someone lives it's "a miracle". This contradicts God's own statement that he will not do that.

Worse still is if they are right and he does save lives. If god can save one without breaking his promise then he can save them all. You might argue that some deserve to die, although that removes their chance to repent later in life.

What about the children though? If a school burns down could not God prevent that? Did the children die because they were sinful? Every single one of them?.

If they escape in time it's a sign of God's love and if they die inside it's because God can't interfere. A contradiction that cannot be explained away.


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updated 08-Jul-2004 9:48 PM