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All 'Other' Gods are false

Any Christian will tell you that all the other gods are false and all other religions misguided. There will be no question in his mind about that. After all they can't all be right since they contradict each other.

His arguments will be perfectly sensible and he will probably be polite, but he will be quite positive about it.


Ask him about a particular religion and he will probably explain that their Holy Book is just a book, written by men. He will point out that there is no proof whatsoever that it was 'inspired' He will explain "Just because there are lots of copies of it doesn't make it true. There are an awfully large number of Frankenstein books about too"

You would feel obligated to agree with this.


If you mention their prophet he will say "oh well there may have been a man called that. Maybe even a wise man. But there is no reason to believe he was any more then that" Of course that's clearly right too.


Point out to our hypothetical Christian that this other religion has lots of followers and he will be adamant that they are misguided. That their faith is simply wishful thinking and that they have no more basis for believing in 'their' god then in elves and fairies.

He may say "just because they 'feel' it's true proves nothing. After all there are just as many people in my church that believe differently so why should one man's intuition be regarded as more accurate then another's"

You would be forced to admit he had a good point there.


You might put to him that this other religion performs works of charity, but he may counter with the equally good argument that many non believers are generous and upright people too. Not to mention those in his own church who do so many good works.


You might admit defeat here since he has shown that for any 'other' religion there is no proof that it contains any truth whatsoever.

Unfortunately his own argument works equally well for any religion including his own and therefore destroys any basis for belief in his or any god at all.


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updated 08-Jul-2004 9:47 PM