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Faith, The Final Frontier

Mankind has come a long way since the hairy creature that hid from the lightning. But there is a frontier that we have yet to cross.

Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Engineering - nothing we want to know can be hidden from us for long.

We explore where we will these days and it seems nothing can hold us back. We can cover every inch of our planets surface, dive under the oceans and build spaceships to take us to the nearer planets.

Our social problems are not so easy to solve. We still have disease and hunger. We have war and hate, inequality and social exclusion. Why can we not solve those too?.

These are not simple problems to solve, but often we fail to address them. We think 'It will all work out somehow' against all evidence to the contrary.

Why do so many think that way, when we know from bitter experience that it doesn't? Well because they have Faith. Faith in God, Allah or little green men that will come and make it all right.

Worse still is the fact that most religions teach that there is no need to 'make it all right' because this life doesn't matter. There is another life coming which will be everything you dreamed of. So just close your eyes to the suffering around you. It is simply God's Will and not your problem. Are you oppressed, abused, enslaved? It's ok because the meek shall inherit the earth. If you suffer yourself then it's probably because you have sinned and deserve it.

That's the widespread delusion that compounds our worst failures and allows so much unhappiness to flourish and that is the frontier that we must cross to progress further.



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updated 29-Dec-2004 7:48 PM