Autumn Approaches - September Chatty
Second go!

37 KPH (wind)

Followed By Great-Nephew Augustus' Month

It's Julius Caesar's Month This Month
it's his birthmonth, renamed after him

Is Today The Start Of Flaming June?

Which pop song defines your life...

May or May?

April - fools, taxes, snow and chocolate

No OurCreature this week - SOLVED!

March - Coming In Like A Lion
shame about those Welsh daffodils

February........Shunned So Far........

January - the New Year! (2018)

It's December - Deck the Halls!


November - Gunpowder Treason And Plot

Iceland Cracked The Teenage Drug Problem?

An Attractive Yield

October - Still Autumn!

Good news...
job opportunity for Patience?

Hello again
Oh no he's back... run to the hills!

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