Hard Facts
Hard Facts

"Without Christianity there can be no morals, no kindness or charity"

That's nonsense of course since Christianity has only been around 2,000 years and a quick study of the subject will demonstrate that these things existed throughout recorded history.

Of course you claim your God existed before that, but he wasn't moral back then was he. He was all for slaughter and vengeance on the innocent then. Jesus changed the rules, or so you claim, but then you also claim that Jesus was God. If they were the same God then he changed his mind about what was good and evil.

We don't need God for morals anyway. Evolution made us inclined to cooperate in order to survive. Otherwise we could not have formed tribes, but would have killed and eaten each other on sight. Once we formed tribes and nations we invented rules to make life more pleasant and to avoid the chaos of anarchy.

Despite the Christian claim that people are only ever decent when offered heaven as a reward (perhaps this is true of devout Christians) it is entirely possible to sit down and work out your own moral code.

I shall expand on that sometime, but if you doubt it then come and ask me. It's perfectly safe to do so because while I am an Atheist I do not attack people on sight.

Many Hindus, Muslims and Atheists are decent people. How could a Hindu be moral if Jesus really were the source?