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Hard-Facts was started by us (Merry and Panikos) to explore our various interests and to meet new and interesting people online.

In addition to the website itself we have a lively and friendly Discussion Board where we can chat about anything and everything.

There are areas on Politics, Atheism, Puzzles, Riding, Entertainment and more. We are constantly adding to it and suggestions are welcome. Right now in our news and debating forum Speakers' Corner you can join in topics such as Drinking on trains in London is banned or A nice little story from Asy's neck of the woods . Interested in astronomy or space travel? take a peek at our Off-World News section for the latest info and links.

For humor we have Just For Laughs , Comic Strips and if you have something amusing you'd like to share you can post in The Playground. You may enjoy playing Graphical or Puzzle Games. You can try and Name that Tune or have a go at some trivia questions in Puzzles. You may enjoy league puzzles too. We had to stop guest posting because of all the spam, but registering is fast, easy and costs nothing.

Take a look around and if you see a topic that interests you on the website or board then post and tell us about it.

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